Born on January 21, 1959, in Munster, Alsace.

Christian Peter first experimented with photography, mostly with nocturnal Instamatic shots, at the age of 12. He bought his first SLR film camera at 14, aiming to practice animal photography in the Vosges mountains. With a singular resolution, he refrained from using his camera for family pictures – with one exception when the patriarch ordered an official portrait. Horse-back riding facilitated his encounters with the wildlife, but paradoxically diverted him from photography.

In 1981, Christian Peter joined the family sawmill in the Munster valley and worked there until it was sold in 1993. He then withdrew on the heights of Munster where he and his wife bought a former restaurant that was converted into a family house, and dedicated himself to furniture design until 2015.

In 2021, after several unfruitful attempts at taking up photography again, he acquired a digital equipment that fully met his needs.

For the Factory Telling series, he hit the road for four years, rediscovering abandoned plants that he had known before their shutdown. From this first significant photographic series, he derived the sensation that finally he could look at factories not exclusively for their productive qualities, thus closing the chapter of his industrial past for good. The landscapes rolling past as he drove to the plants were a source of inspiration for the Horizon Tales series which offered a new field for experimentation and opened the way for the blossoming of a personal photographic writing.